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Designed a seamlessly integrated measurement system that measures and verifies the campaign delivery via third-party tools. It's a "One of its kind" product in the ad-supported streaming services.

More Consumer-facing Solutions

Overview of multiple consumer-facing solution in Microsoft Wallet.

More Enterprise Solutions

Overview and snapshots of multiple Microsoft / Xandr Invest DSP design solutions.

Personal Projects

Hey there, I'm Polly! ✌️

A bilingual product designer with a deep love for simplifying complexity by creating ethical, useful, and cost-effective interfaces. Growing human-centric tools, tech experience, and a thriving garden. Currently working in Microsoft Wallet team.

👋 Drop me a line... 

Aiming to solve the tech industry's lack of diversity by matching women with female mentors. First Place of Girls In Tech San Francisco 2021 Hackathon. 

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