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Polly Yang, Product Designer in San Francisco, CA

I'll confess: I enjoy bringing positive energy and a sense of professional playfulness to my work.

My name is Polly Yang, and I am a product designer, lifelong learner, marathon runner, world explorer, aspiring chef, entrepreneur, and adventurous person. 

With a demonstrated history of working in advertising, integrated marketing, and education, I enjoy solving business problems by creating ethical, useful, and cost-effective digital solutions to bridge between technologies and users. 

About Me

Before moving to the US from China, I had worked in advertising and integrated marketing for about five years across marketing and sales teams. As an enthusiastic team player and consumer advocate, I bridged multiple brands and target audiences by integrating suitable media platforms and messages. During that time, I collaborated with in-house and freelancing designers, artists, and art directors closely and effectively to create and implement digital marketing campaigns. My communication and project management skills contributed significantly to my success; however, I wished my job itself was more creativity-related.


A few years ago, I decided to move to California to try a different lifestyle. Through my time working at an art and design university, I discovered UX/UI design, which offers me the possibility of one-stop-shopping model in combining my communication, time and project management, problem-solving skills, and creativity. In early 2021, after a year of self-exploring and taking individual classes at university, I decided to attend DesignLab Bootcamp to study UX design more structurally. Now here I am, embracing the new chapter of my career and looking for exciting opportunities.

Origin Story
Deeply Human

I'm based in San Francisco, CA, but originally hail from the capital city of southwestern China's Sichuan province - Chengdu (also known as the Home of Giant Panda and the Country of Heaven - 天府之国 (Chinese). I have a big love for travel and nature, and care deeply about animal liberation. (Did I mention I'm a vegetarian?)


If my skills can help you in any way or you want to learn more about my experience, feel free to reach out.


You can click the image to DOWNLOAD my resume.



I'd love to meet you and grab a cup of coffee or tea (virtually) to talk about anything - from design to travel, food to pet, workout to culture, and more.

Shoot me an email, and we can work something out.

I try to put in 100% enthusiasm and take initiative in whatever I do. There are things I can't do yet or can't do alone, but I'm always learning and willing to work with others. 

I approach work with a strong philosophy of ethics-first decision-making. For me, it’s important to help the most people I can and hurt the least.

My Resume

My Strength

My Design Philosophy

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