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Polly Yang, Product Designer in San Francisco, CA

I'll confess: I enjoy bringing positive energy and a sense of professional playfulness to my work.

My name is Polly Yang, and I am a multilingual product designer, lifelong learner, marathon runner, world explorer, aspiring chef, entrepreneur, and adventurous person.

With profound empathy gained from working in advertising, integrated marketing, and education, I solve business problems by creating ethical, useful, and cost-effective digital solutions to bridge between technologies and users.

About Me

I'm the one whose journey went from the buzz of advertising and integrated marketing to the cool universe of product design. I spent five years rocking it in marketing and sales, connecting brands with their audiences using all sorts of media and teaming up with talented designers and artists.

But you know what? I was craving more creative juice. So, I took a detour and joined DesignLab for a design BootCamp in early 2021. That move landed me a full-time product designer job at Xandr, which is like the cool kid in the Microsoft Advertising crew.

My role involves creating the whole measurement end-to-end experience and making features user-friendly for big-shot enterprise users. Working with brilliant minds polished my communication, time juggling, and problem-crushing skills.

What's next? Well, I'm all set to mix my polished communication skills with a dash of creativity to cook up some amazing product experiences for businesses and users alike. 

Origin story

Being the bridge

I currently live in Las Vegas, NV, but originally hail from the capital city of southwestern China's Sichuan province - Chengdu (also known as the Home of Giant Panda and the Country of Heaven - 天府之国 (Chinese). In the past 10 years, I have lived in SF, LA (USA), Xiamen, Sanya, Chengdu, Ya'an (China), and may move to another new city tomorrow. 

If my skills can help you in any way, let's connect! 👋

Fun Fact

If I'm not designing, I might be running🏃‍♀️, mountain hiking🏜, cooking🍲, traveling🌎, gardening🌱, longboarding🛹, taking photos📸, volunteering at events❤️. I have a big love for nature and care deeply about animal liberation.🐋 (Did I mention I'm a vegetarian?) 

Deeply human

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