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Gathering Feedback Though Usability Testing

Validate Ideas

To find out if the flow and UI are intuitive, I did the 1st round of testing to 5 people for Mid-Fi and 2nd round to 3 people for Hi-Fi. Everyone finished tasks smoothly, but some had questions about the instructions and where to find certain features, for example, delete accounts or share pet info with others. 

I decided to adjust information architecture and use colors to code categories, which was proven the right choice in my 2nd round of testing. 

Read the full testing report at Testing Findings.

What Did The Competitors Do Right  And Wrong?
Missing super app

Although popular competitors offer various activity tracking, training, and vet appointment booking and have a large user base, they usually only focus on one area.

No way to store pets medical records

Storing medical records isn't feasible for many apps, yet every veterinarian requires pet owners to fill out pet information every time.

Sketch Out Approaches & Prioritization 

I sketched out multiple approaches for each category screen to better visualize how to move from screen to screen before choosing one to move forward. 

After presenting my sketches to my mentors and discussing with other peers, I decided to choose the idea I believe is optimal because it fulfills user needs better and needs fewer implement efforts. 

Design - Test - Iterate - Repeat

Mindful design validates users’ needs and cares for their motivations. Designing in solving individual problems rather than entire flows ensures the interface is flexible and open, and users empower the relationship with target users. 

The following are some moments I think would be important based on my research. Further moments and features would likely be uncovered in the next steps.

"What Activities Can I Do to Keep My Pet Healthy and Happy?"

Someone using the app to track pet’s activities can also find tutorial videos in the section (upcoming features). They can choose to start tracking or watching tutorials first.