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The Baseline

Instead of solving one of the problems, we decided to solve the common problem for three: How to find mentors that build on trust. 

The Most Valuable Things

We found the silver lining of working together in all steps and building on each other's ideas! The workflow of the application is easy and intuitive. The design is clear and esthetically pleasing, and functional! The Completion of a functional design in a limited time was exciting!

In addition, we won First Place in the Girls In Tech SF 2021 Hackathon. 

"What Activities Can I Do to Keep My Pet Healthy and Happy?"

Someone using the app to track pet’s activities can also find tutorial videos in the section (upcoming features). They can choose to start tracking or watching tutorials first.

New User Onboarding

Transparency is key. Letting users know what this app does to inform them and give them the right to decide whether continue or not.

"Can I Set up a Reminder?"

Someone wanting to add a reminder might ask questions like, “How can I remind myself to do medicine fill today? Can I link it to other platforms?” In this case, they would click the “+” to add a reminder to the existing schedule.